Cat Wine Bar to Open in Denver

Posted by Stacey Venzel
The Drinks Business

Move over cat cafes. There could be a cat wine bar in town.

Start your morning right with a cup of coffee and a cat. Follow it up with some cat yoga and top your night off with a glass of Merlot and, why not, more cats.

Cat lovers and wine connoisseurs are the real dream team in Colorado where the Denver Cat Bar is being launched. The main area of the bar will welcome non-cat lovers, too. But those who want to lend a little scratch behind the ear can saunter on over to the cat palace, wine in hand. There, rescue cats will roam to their hearts' content.

The restaurant is the idea of a the Denver Cat Company, a rescue effort begun a mere 18 months ago with the hopes of finding abandoned felines forever homes. But the success of the cat bar will be determined by the generosity of public donors.

Their Kickstarter campaign has less than three weeks left to reach its goal of $60,000.

Felines and wine; we couldn't ask for a more purrfect night dining experience. Click here before July 8, 2016 if you'd like to put forth a donation to make the Denver Cat Bar happen.

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Cat Wine Bar to Open in Denver