Cat Wheel and a Laser: Perfect Solution for a Fat Cat

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If your cat's a bit overweight and needs some more exercise, check out this creative idea to get your cat moving. 

Do you have a lazy cat who doesn't like to exercise? Or maybe your cat has too much energy and runs around the house at all hours of the night. Making sure that your cat gets enough exercise can be a challenge; especially when you have an indoor-only cat. And that's why this video is so awesome.

Finally, the solution to exercising the overweight or indoor cat is here. Jasper, the cat in this video, seems quite pleased with the situation. If you've ever seen those hamster wheels that you can place in a cage so a hamster can exercise, then you'll notice some similarities between those and this cat wheel.

Add in a laser pointer for the cat to chase, and you have an instant cat treadmill.

Want to create a wheel like this for your own cat? You'll need a little bit of engineering talent, but it should be pretty easy to do. Make sure that you line the wheel with some sort of carpeting or felt surface so that your cat gets plenty of grip. You'll also want to create a generously-sized base for the wheel to keep it steady as your cat moves.

Try placing some catnip in the wheel to help introduce it to your cat. If you use a laser pointer, make sure to never point it in your cat's eyes.

If your cat is overweight, increasing his activity level is just one way to help get his weight under control. It's important to evaluate the type of food that you're feeding him, as well as how much food he receives on a daily basis.

If you still have questions or are unable to reduce your cat's weight, then take your cat to the vet. Some physical issues can cause weight gain, and your vet can also advise you on an appropriate diet for your cat.

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Cat Wheel and a Laser: Perfect Solution for a Fat Cat