Cat Steals Your Money but Donates It Toward a Good Cause

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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CASHnip Kitty via Facebook

When an office cat displayed his penchant for stealing dollar bills, some creative staff found a great way to put their cat's unusual talent to good use.

GuRuStu - a marketing firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma - adopted CASHnip Kitty from the Tulsa Animal Shelter.

The cat, who was about six months old at the time, became the official office cat, keeping mice at bay and making friends with all of the employees.

But recently, the office staff discovered the cat's unusual talent when dollar bills began accumulating near the office door. The staff couldn't figure out where the money was coming from.

With a little critical thinking, the staff decided to test out a theory.

Since their office is located in an entertainment district, where lots of people pass by the front doors each day, the staff hypothesized that passers-by were using dollar bills to play with the cat through the slit in the door, and that CASHnip Kitty was grabbing their money in the process.

To test this hypothesis, GuRuStu staff inserted a dollar bill into the slit in the door and CASHnip Kitty grabbed it immediately, pulling it inside. They tested this theory again and again, with the same results every time.

The verdict was in: they had a cat thief on their hands.

Instead of using the stolen money for lunch or afterwork drinks, the staff decided to put the cat's unusual talent to good use.

They put a sign up on the door that reads, "CASHnip Kitty is a hustler with a philanthropic heart" and goes on to explain that the cat will steal your money but donate it to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.

So far CASHnip Kitty has donated over $100 to the Tulsa Day Center. This office cat, who was once homeless himself, is now putting his unusual talent to good use by giving back to those in need.

All images: CASHnip Kitty via Facebook

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Cat Steals Your Money but Donates It Toward a Good Cause