Skip the Groomers with This $5 Unlimited Self Grooming Care for Your Cat

Posted by Allison Johnson
Cat Self Groomer

Do you ever feel like you and your pet have the same personality? Well, if you're someone who is always saying the phrase "treat yourself," you most likely have a spoiled rotten pet who loves to be massaged and cuddled. Of course, we can't be there 24/7 to show our cats the love they deserve, but there's something out there that's close. Sweet Pet Garden has a cat self groomer for only $5.99. Your cat will fall in love with the Sweet Pet Garden self cat grooming wall brush. It comes with adhesive strips to attach it to your wall. Just add catnip to the catnip compartment, and this will be your fur baby's favorite cat toy.

If your cat loves to rub their head against you, this is exactly what your pet needs. Not only is this great for cats who love attention, but this cat self groomer is also perfect for your pet that may not like being touched. You understand that your guests just want to show your kitten some love and pet it, but some cats like grooming on their own time.

Cat Self Groomer

The self groomer is easy to set up. It comes with strips to install it on a flat wall or corner surface. Your cat will have unlimited head massages with this self groomer. The Sweet Pet Garden self groomer acts as a self-massage, and as a durable brush for your cat to remove loose hair.

How convenient, a massage and removing loose hair! I think the last time I had my head massaged and cut my hair was when I was at the salon for a blowout... 4 months ago. Our four-legged friends get a constant source of rubbing and hair, removing for only $5.99. Must be nice!

The customer reviews on the self-grooming tool are perfect.  The plastic bristles are durable and are easy to clean. An Amazon customer gave a fantastic suggestion and said to place the grooming brush on your couch instead of a wall corner. That is a great idea.

Cat care is important, and this little deshedding and massager tool is budget-friendly, cat parents! Our fur babies deserve all the attention and love they can get. If you're ever feeling guilty that you're not home petting your cat, don't worry. As long as you have a wall, adhesive strips, and catnip, this self groomer will be your cat's favorite form of attention. Besides you, of course!

This post was originally published on June 5, 2019.

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Skip the Groomers with This $5 Unlimited Self Grooming Care for Your Cat