Cat Saves Family from Deadly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Posted by Paige Cerulli
ABC 11

Siamese cat Prissy is being hailed a hero after she detected dangerous carbon monoxide in the home and alerted her family of four. 

A cat named Prissy is being praised as a hero after she saved her family from carbon monoxide poisoning. Prissy, a Siamese, alerted her family and all four members, including two children, survived, thanks to the cat.

On Tuesday night, mother Susan Wild accidentally left the car running in the garage. The carbon monoxide from the car began to build up, and by Wednesday morning it began to leak into the house which was attached to the garage.

It was then that Prissy started to act strangely. She made so much noise meowing that the children went into their parents' bedroom to let them know about Prissy's odd behavior. As soon as the children woke their parents, the young daughter passed out. The parents immediately left the house and called 911.

Susan and her children were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning, but they have since returned home. The entire family, Prissy included, are fine after the dangerous event.

Had Prissy not made so much noise and alerted the family to the fact that something was wrong, the young daughter could have passed out without anyone ever knowing. The children might not have awoken their parents, and it's possible that the whole family could have perished because of the odorless gas.

Sometimes our pets seem to have a sixth sense about danger, and the family is lucky that Prissy knew that something was wrong. If you don't yet have a carbon monoxide detector, please purchase one!

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Cat Saves Family from Deadly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning