When Cat Friends Help Cat Friends Stuck in Litter Boxes

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When a kitten unexpectedly gets stuck in her new litter box, her sister figures it out and comes to her rescue. 

If you have cats, then you know the joys of having a litter box in the house. Not only is there the challenge of figuring out where to put the box, but then you have to clean it regularly. If you have multiple cats, this can become a big job. But all in all, litter boxes are pretty simple - right?

Getting stuck in the litter box isn't something that most kittens have to worry too much about, but there's a first time for everything, as the kitten in this video discovers. She quickly finds that she's trapped and can't quite figure out the swinging door on the new box. Luckily for her, help comes in the form of her curious sister.

This video demonstrates a potential issue in using a litter box with a flap opening - if a cat gets stuck inside, he or she may be reluctant to return to the litter box again. In fact, enclosed litter boxes aren't highly recommended, since they can make for tight quarters for cats. If you have an older or larger cat, it can be difficult for them to get into and out of the box, and to turn around while they're inside.

So how should you choose a litter box? Look for one which is appropriate for your cat's size. If you have a smaller cat or a kitten, you may need to look for a box which has lower edges so your cat can easily get into and out of it. And if you have multiple cats in your home, then you should have at least as many boxes as you do cats. It's better if you have one extra box.

You can encourage your cats to use the litter box by positioning it in a quiet, private area in the home. You'll find that some cats have strong preferences of one type of kitty litter over another, so you may have to do some experimenting to find out what litter box situation works best for your household.

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When Cat Friends Help Cat Friends Stuck in Litter Boxes