25 Hilarious Cat Names Because Fluffy Is Boring


Move over Tiger, Smokey, and Kitty, Godiva is in the litter box!

Picking out a name for your furry family member is a fun task, but it's also an important one. You'll be saying this name an awful lot around the house, not to mention possibly creating an Instagram page for your feline friend that could get thousands of fans simply based on the kitty's moniker.

So what will it be? We've got some unique name ideas for you that are sure to show your cat just how much you love them.

1. Chewbacca 

For all the Star Wars fans...


2. Armani

For the fancy pants kitties...


3. Daffodil

For the flower power felines...

4. Einstein

For the smarty cats...


5. Fantasia

For the Mickey Mouse fans...

6. Dolly Purrton

For the Hollywood stars...


7. Luna

For the astronomy enthusiasts...


8. Tofu

For the vegetarians...

9. Corazon

For the Spanish speakers...


10. Godiva

For the chocolate connoisseurs...


11. Ravioli

For the pastafarians...

12. Waffle

For the brunch club members...

13. Aladdin

For the Disney princes...

14. Mulan

For Disney princesses...



15. Mozart

For the meowsicians...

16. Bonaparte

For the history buffs...

17. Champagne

For the sparkling wine lovers...


18. Crockpot

For the lazy cookers...


19. Ferrari

For the sports car drivers...

20. Hobbes

For the comic book readers...


21. Ebenezer

For the Christmas Scrooges...

22. Catrick Swayze

Cat names like Oliver, Max, Simba and Bella are so boring! Puns are the best.

23. Ferris Mewler

Pet names can always come from famous movies. 'Driving Miss Daisy' is a good one. Other kitten names from movies and books are Casper, Charlie, Sophie, Romeo, and Ziggy!

24. Cindy Clawford

We think Cindy Clawford is purrfect!


25. Ron Purrgundy

This name should be trending it's so funny.

What popular cat names did we miss? Thor, Loki, Callie, Muffin, Zoe, Cleo, Coco, Tigger, Jasmine, Nala, Lily, Oreo, Buddy, Lucy, Chloe, and Milo are on another list of faves!  You can always look at baby names too.

Got a cat with a unique name? Leave a comment with your pet's name.

Do you think your cat understands what you're saying or at least knows their name when called? Leave a comment below!


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