Cat Masseuse Gives Fennec Fox Best Massage

Posted by Mateja Lane

This cat masseuse takes her job quite seriously. 

When a cat kneads, it mostly means that they love you.

That assumption can't be more true than in this little massage session.

The cat looks like a true massage therapist as she kneads her little paws up and down the fennec fox's back. The fox is clearly enjoying the rub-down as his eyes gently close.

Cats knead for a variety of reasons. But it means they trust you and are comfortable. There are some theories that cats also knead for territorial reasons, which in this case just means the cat is making sure everyone knows this little fox is her best friend, thank you.

Fennec foxes are actually an exotic animal that you can have as a pet in most states around the country. They don't grow to be much bigger than four pounds and can clearly get along with everyone in the house. They probably require their own live-in masseuses, too.

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Cat Masseuse Gives Fennec Fox Best Massage