Feline Hero: Cat Leads Lost Hiker Down to Safety in Switzerland

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When a lost hiker found himself facing a closed trail, a friendly cat appeared and safely led him back to his village. 

Cats are highly intuitive, and even if they're not always the most helpful animals, they always seem to know what's going on. Luckily for the lost hiker in this story, the cat he came across was more than happy to help out, leading him back to town via an alternate route.

Reddit user sc4s2cg wrote about his experience with the cat, even sharing a video of the cat leading him back to the village. The hiker was exploring the mountains of Gimmelwald, Switzerland. Because it was the end of the ski season, many of the trails were closed. Once the hiker was up on the mountain, he discovered that a trail that he had planned to take down was inaccessible.

But then, a handsome black and white cat appeared. The hiker had taken a break and was eating and resting the ankle that he had sprained. The cat waited for him, then started to lead him down a trail. The cat would walk on ahead, then stop and look back at the lost hiker to make sure that he was following her. The trail led the hiker back to the valley, and the cat went on her own way.

Check out the video of this special experience:

When the hiker posted the video on Reddit, several other users recognized the cat, noting that they had previously gone hiking with her. It seems that the cat belongs to a hostel and enjoys guiding tourists around on the mountain. She's known to pose for pictures, and is very friendly.

It just so happens that the cat was in the right place at the right time to help the hiker out. We'll bet that was a hike that he'll never forget!

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Feline Hero: Cat Leads Lost Hiker Down to Safety in Switzerland