16 Cats Dumped on Sanctuary's Doorstep Need Your Help

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Images via: The Cat House on the Kings via Facebook

With a surprise discovery of 16 abandoned cats, the Cat House on the Kings needs the public's help. 

Imagine pulling up to your job to discover 16 cats abandoned and waiting for you. That's just what happened when employees of the Cat House on the Kings arrived for work in the dark one morning. Employees found cats in 14 storage bins, left by the facility's gates. It's a sad way to start off your day at work.

The cats included a mother and her two kittens, and they all appeared to be in good health. The cats were in new storage bins that had holes cut into the sides to allow for air circulation. The cats each had a handmade blanket in their bins, and didn't appear to have been in there long. The tops of the bins were tied down so the cats couldn't escape.

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The 16 unexpected cats place an immediate drain on the sanctuary's resources. None of the cats were fixed, and they'll all need veterinary care. So far, the cats have been examined, given their first vaccinations, and treated for fleas and worms. A few of the cats have been for FeLV/FIV. To start with, each cat's veterinary care will cost about $150, and then the cost of caring for each cat will increase depending on how long the cat stays with the sanctuary. When you do the math, you'll find that's a staggering $2,400 just to take care of the cats' initial veterinary and care needs.

The Cat House on the Kings is California's largest no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center. Some of the abandoned cats are pretty traumatized, so the sanctuary will spend some time socializing the cats in hopes that they can be offered up for adoption. The cats appear to range from about three months to five years in age, and within two to three weeks they may be available for adoption on the sanctuary's website.

Staff at the Cat House on the Kings find abandoned dogs and cats on their property several times a year. While people may no longer be able to care for their pets, the sanctuary is located on a dirt road in the woods. Abandoning animals in such a location (or truly, in any environment) leaves them at risk of wild animal attacks and even people with ill intentions. It's always best to make an animal surrender in person, and can be less traumatizing for the animal, too.

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Want to make a difference for these abandoned cats? If you're local to the sanctuary, think about adopting a cat. Even if you're not local, you can make a donation through the sanctuary's website, or can mail a check to CHOTK, 7120 S. Kings River Road, Parlier, CA 93648. Finally, please share this article to help spread the word, and follow the Cat House on the Kings on Facebook.

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Images via: The Cat House on the Kings via Facebook

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16 Cats Dumped on Sanctuary's Doorstep Need Your Help