Cat Holds His Owner's Hand on Their Way to the Vet for the Last Time

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Have your tissues ready? This cat holds his owner's hand during their trip to the vet for the last time, and it's the sweetest thing ever.

Taking your cat to the vet for the last time is already emotional enough. But when this cat holds his owner's hand during the trip, it's the perfect way to comfort his owners - while also breaking their hearts at the same time.

The cat's owners posted this photo on Reddit of the moment their cat, Andrew, reached over and took their hands. Currently, there are 280 comments on the photo, most of them consoling the owners about the loss of their pet.

cat holding hand

Sometimes, the greatest kindness that we can give to our pets is to give them an easy, painless exit from this world. That doesn't mean that it's any easier on us, but ending a pet's suffering may be necessary. Andrew seems to have picked up on his owners' emotion during this time. I'll bet that his action comforted his owners, and they're very lucky to have experienced such a meaningful moment with their cat.

No one likes to talk about how they will handle their pet's last days, since it's a painful topic to think about. But you can make that time a bit easier by doing a little research and planning ahead. It can cost a few hundred dollars to euthanize a pet, so one way to make the time a little more bearable is to store money away for that event. Put the money in its own savings account and don't touch it until you need it. Removing the financial burden will mean that you'll have one less worry when the time comes.

Be sure to ask your vet any questions that you may have ahead of time. It's easier to talk about logistics and expenses now than it will be when your pet is ill. And remember, you'll be doing your pet one final kindness, as difficult as it can be to let them go.

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Cat Holds His Owner's Hand on Their Way to the Vet for the Last Time