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Cat Hammocks: The Ultimate Hangout for Cats


A cat hammock is a fun way to add a comfy appeal to your pet's home environment. Most cat lovers already know how much their pet adores cat trees. If you're looking for an alternative pet house for lounging, why not consider one of these best cat hammocks?

Take a look at all these unique options for your napping kitty. Some feature sisal scratching pads for your little scratcher, and others suspend from a cat tower, lifting your kitty even higher. If cotton rope or boho style is what you're after, then grab the cat swing designed to look like a vintage plant hanger.

Give Your Furry Pal the Gift of Relaxation

1. Hand Woven Macrame Cat Hammock Bed (Bed Included)- Hanging Macrame Style Cat Swing Bed with Soft Plush Weaving Cat Bed for Kitten Sleeping Playing Relaxing

Why go for a basic cat bed when you can have boho cat furniture instead? This handwoven comfy cat hammock from Amazon is a dreamy pet product for your napping cat. Bonus: it can be used as a plant holder instead of kitty lounging. The macrame cat hammock kit includes a comfy high-quality bed for your friend. (And serious home-style points for you.)

2. ONENIN Cat Cage Hammock,Hanging Soft Pet Bed for Kitten Ferret Puppy Rabbit or Small Pet,Double Layer Hanging Bed for Pets,2 Level Indoor Bag for Spring/Summer/Winter (Green & White)

Why not give your cat a few comfy lounging options? Here's a two-level hammock bed that's purrfect for two cats or one that likes to have a little more privacy in the tent-like space-saving cat shelf. Featuring a tropical palm leaf design, the top shelf is made from cool cotton and linen, while the bottom shelf of the hanging bed is filled with high-quality faux fur for utterly blissful lounging.


3. Lcybem Cat Hammocks for Window - Seat Suction Cups Space Saving Cat Bed, Pet Resting Seat Safety Cat Window Perch for Large Cats, Providing All Around 360° Sunbath for Indoor, Weighted up to 33lbs

Give your indoor cat the gift of 360 degrees sunbathing in this lounger. The heavy-duty construction provides a sunny seat in a unique space-saving design. Affixing to a window with suction cups, your cat will love napping and lounging even more than he already does. Warm up this hanging bed with a faux fur blanket, and your kitty will be off to dreamland in this cleverly designed cat hammock.

4. Snazzypet Cat Window Hammock Perch | Double-Layered with Two Beds and Scratching Post | Great for Indoor Cats and Large Cats | Holds Up to 22 Pounds

Cat lovers searching for pet products know there's no such thing as spoiling your cat too much. Your cat can be lazy all day and even scratch away in this double-decker cat bed ideal for small cats and large cats. Made from high-quality sisal and PVC, the scratching pad is the finishing touch your hanging cat hammock needs.

5. Catinsider 35 Inches Cactus Cat Tree with Hammock and Full Wrapped Sisal Scratching Post for Cats Green Large

We can't decide what's cuter. The cat or this cat hammock. This space-saving cat furniture is a cat tree shaped like a cactus. Whether your indoor cat is lounging in the sunny seat or sharpening its claws on the scratching pad, there's no denying how high-quality pet furniture can enhance your home decor while giving Ms. Kitty and other small pets an interesting place to explore. It has solid wood construction wrapped in sisal for years of enjoyment.

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