Cat Found with Burnt Paws from Santa Rosa Fire Reunited with Owner

Posted by Jason Sarna
cat with burnt paws

In a rush to safety, 23-year-old Ohndrea Elliot was forced to leave her cat "Kitty" behind in the fires.

According to KTVU, Elliot's mother called Elliot around 11 p.m. and told her about a fire starting in Calistoga.

Elliot and her roommates started packing overnight bags - not thinking they were in too much danger. However, Elliot started to smell smoke, and when she looked outside, she saw the mountains glowing. Then the wind started gusting so much that a tree fell on her roommate's car.

"We had to get out of there," Elliot said. "The sky was bright red and it all happened so fast."

As they were driving away, Elliot saw Kitty, her 10-year-old calico cat, run across the street.

Elliot said:

"I felt horrible. It broke my heart. We had everyone else safe except Kitty. And she was the last thing I saw as we were leaving. She was running for her life."

Elliot's home and all of her belonging were destroyed in the fire. But her main concern was finding Kitty.

"I knew she was out there, she's tough and so smart!" said Elliot.

After posting the story of the missing cat to social media, Elliot contacted the Sonoma Humane Society. They sent her a photo of a calico with its paws and fur burnt.

"I broke down really hard," said Elliot, after realizing the cat in the photo was Kitty. "I couldn't breathe."

KTVU actually has a video of the scorched cat, which Elliot was unaware of.

After watching the YouTube video, Elliot said she couldn't stop crying.

"Please if you find out who the neighbor was before I do, please tell me!" said Elliot. "I want to give him a big hug and thank him for holding her and keeping her so safe."

Veterinarians at the Sonoma Humane Society are working to heal Kitty's padding on her paws. The cat is recovering in a heated bed and is on pain medication.

"They have taken such good care of her," said Elliot. "And they didn't ask for money. They did it without question. They are so busy with so many animals. I'm just so thankful."

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Cat Found with Burnt Paws from Santa Rosa Fire Reunited with Owner