Cat Finds Cozy Sleeping Spot on Backs of Mini Horses and Donkeys

Posted by Mateja Lane

It's safe to say Teton the cat has found the comfiest spot in the barn.

Teton has been dubbed "the boss" at this farm in Colorado.

As the boss, Teton can sleep wherever he wants; even on the backs of his fellow barn dwellers.

Teton and his mini horse and donkey friends live on Snowfall Ranch in beautiful Elizabeth, Colorado. The ranch is home to horses, mini horses, goats, lambs, micro pigs, a miniature donkey, and Teton the cat.

As you can see, it snows quite a bit in Elizabeth; Teton rides on the backs of his friends so he doesn't have to get his paws cold and wet!

But I don't think the horses and donkeys mind. I'm sure Teton is giving them little kneading massages as he is getting rides.

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