If a Cat Was Elected President...

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Politics in the USA would look a little different if a cat was elected president.

With government campaigning filling our TV and computer screens, we could use a break from the political hullabaloo.

We've already brainstormed the changes the U.S. would see if we elected a dog president. But what about a cat?

Every pet owner knows cats and dogs have distinct personality traits. Even humans tend to embrace a personality more akin to their pet than another species.


For better or worse, here are some changes the Unite States could see if a feline was inaugurated as POTUS.

1. Tax Breaks for Independent Companies

Because cats are not the best team players so they support flying solo.

2. Decreased Government Transparency

Because cats like to hide.

 3. More Grants for New Projects

Because opening galas have ribbon cutting ceremonies, and cats love ribbons.

 4. No Hunting Restrictions

Because cats are born hunters.


 5. Stricter Sanitation Policies

Because cats are anal about cleanliness.

6. Increased Space Travel

Because cats are already physicists and astronauts, so why not test space acrobatics.

Don Graham/Flickr
Don Graham/Flickr

 7. More Environmental Funding

Because cats need trees to climb and prey to hunt.

8. Heightened Home Security Systems

Because looking like a scaredy cat is embarrassing.

9. Better City Planning

Because cats are strategists.

10. Less Foreign Aid

Because cats are independent.

Grey Striped Cat Sleeping On Money Banknotes

Though a feline running a country seems far-fetched, it's not all that implausible. Counties and cities have long been electing animals into office. This year, a town in Washington had pets nominated for the entire board--including mayor.

We wouldn't have any complaints listening to Grumpy Cat during the State of the Union Address.

Or even Mr. Ed for that matter. Should a horse enter the running for president?

What pet do you think would make the best president? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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If a Cat Was Elected President...