Cat Decides to Be a Bit More Dog, and Maybe We Should Too

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you're living life like a cat, things can get pretty boring, so here's a great reason to be a bit more dog. 

Cats and dogs have very different approaches to life. Cats tend to be reserved, they take long naps, and they don't mind watching life move on by them. On the other hand, dogs tend to jump in with all four feet, grab life by the horns, throw themselves into new experiences, and make the most of every second of every day. Deciding to be a bit more dog can do a lot to liven up your life.

The video below is a super creative commercial which takes a look at the life of an orange cat. This cat is used to lying around and taking the easy route, but then one day he wakes up and decides to be a bit more dog. Through some creative camera angles and a bit of CGI help, we get to take an entertaining look at what his "more dog" life consists of.

Does your cat ever act a bit like a dog, or does he tend to stay in his catlike ways? My cat adores tearing up paper, whether it's envelopes, paper towels, or entire tissue boxes. He carries stuffed animal toys around the house much like a dog does, and his newest habit is submerging all four paws in his water dish before walking around the house, leaving a trail of water in his path. Did I mention that he is also (coincidentally) an orange cat like the one in the video?

Maybe there's something to this "being a bit more dog" that we can apply to our own lives. Afraid of new experiences? Try to face them head-on with an open mind. Don't just sit on the couch; get out there and seize life. Try being a bit more dog!

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Cat Decides to Be a Bit More Dog, and Maybe We Should Too