This Cat Can't Get Enough of Corn on the Cob

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Many cats tend to love people food, but this cat has a penchant for an unusual food - he's crazy about corn on the cob. 

When you sit down to a meal, does your cat try to climb up to the table or sit nearby and beg you for scraps? Many cats love people food, especially meat, since it smells delicious and is something that they would naturally eat in the wild.

Fewer cats are crazy about vegetables and fruits, except for this cat. He loves corn on the cob.

This video shows just how much this cat loves corn. He patiently works away at the corn on the cob, and he's even wearing a bib to keep him clean! And no, he's not just licking butter off the corn - he's actually biting kernels off and eating them. Take a look!

So, should you feed your cat corn on the cob? In short, not really. Corn isn't a great food for cats to eat - it can lead to weight gain, which can be an ongoing issue for indoor cats. Corn can also cause digestive issues in dogs and cats. It's not an ideal people food for your cat, though if your cat is crazy about corn, a little treat now and then probably won't hurt.

You may notice that corn and corn meal are frequently listed as main ingredients on cat foods, particularly dry cat foods. Corn is often used as a filler, because it is cheap. It adds bulk to the food without driving the price up. However, this isn't always a great nutritional option.

If you want to find a quality cat food, look for one which lists ingredients such as chicken or fish as the main ingredients. Many owners prefer to buy grain-free, corn-free cat food now to give their cats the purest form of food available. Be sure to talk to your veterinarian if you have questions about what is best to feed your individual cat.

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This Cat Can't Get Enough of Corn on the Cob