Want to Adopt a Cat and Grab a Coffee? Check out These Cat Cafes

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Cat Cafes are a place to grab a coffee and some food, and socialize with adoptable cats. Want to go?

These "Cat Cafes" are exactly what they sound like. Heaven. They're a place to grab a coffee with friends and hang out with cats and they're popping up all over the country. You might leave with a bagel... and your new best friend. These environments are beneficial to the cats as well.

The most well-behaved cat may act out under the stress of being in a shelter environment, making them less likely to get adopted. Cat cafes help that problem by giving the cats a place to socialize and interact with each other and people; it gives them an opportunity to live stress-free until their forever home finds them.

Here are a few cat cafes across the country. See if there are any around you!


Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, CA

The first cat cafe in the United States and the only non-profit cat cafe in the country, Cat Town was founded by Ann Dunn while she was working as a volunteer at Oakland Animal Services. Their website boasts that "since launching in 2011, Cat Town has rescued more than 1,100 cats, and helped reduce the shelter's euthanasia rate from 42% in 2011 to 7% today."

There are cats there ready to adopt and there are cats in foster that can be seen by appointment.

Sleepy Cat

You enter through the Cafe and can check in to visit the Cat Zone, which is a space where there are 8 to 24 adoptable cats roaming around. You pay for your Cat Zone reservation/donation at the register. $10 (non-refundable/tax deductible) allows you to schedule your reservation ahead of time. Walk-ins are welcome for a $5 reservation/donation as space allows, or for free with a purchase from the cafe.

It is highly recommended that you schedule a reservation ahead of time on the weekends. They also have an events page for special events held at their location. You can also book an event or private party!

They keep their menu minimal- coffee, bagels, and various treats from locations are all listed on their menu page. Seating is limited but there are viewing windows, if you don't get time in the Cat Zone.


The Cat Cafe in San Diego, CA

A menu with mostly beverages, from a local coffee shop, and some pastries, the Cat Cafe in San Diego is also an amazing place. The cats come from various local rescues and the cafe tries to show people that special-needs cats, that may not be readily adopted out of a shelter, are still incredible companions.

They recommend that you come in and socialize with the cats before considering adopting one. All adoptions are done after hours. They make their money off the sales of beverages and snacks, and if you purchase something you can go visit the cats. There is a donation requirement if you do not purchase any snacks or beverages.

red cat sniffing a mug of black coffee while standing on a table with paper and pen

You can check out The Cat Cafe live stream and view adoptable cats on their website, as well as browse their FAQs. During peak hours you can make reservations online for easier convenience. The reservation is for a single person and comes with a beverage and an hour of time in the "cat playpen."


Little Lions in New York, NY

The second cat cafe in New York recommends reservations, which you can make online, in order to make sure you score some time with the kitties. They also have a waiver that must be signed in order to interact with the cats.

With an extensive menu of baked goods, coffee, and tea, this is an awesome cat sanctuary in SOHO.

They have a variety of employees to check you in if you have made a reservation and another inside the Cat Sanctuary to "introduce you to the space" and give you some pointers regarding playtime with the felines.

You can enjoy coffee or tea without socializing with the cats, with some seating providing views-only into the sanctuary.

Cute cat with tasty dessert and cup of coffee on table in cafe, view from outside

If you live near one of these cat cafes, why not swing in the next time you need a pick-me-up? It will benefit you, hello caffeine, and the cats looking for forever homes. You can unwind by spending time with some furry friends or you might walk home with the newest addition to your family!

Here is a list of cat cafes coast-to-coast in the U.S. as well as a few in Canada!

Have you been to a cat cafe? Tell us in the comments section!

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Want to Adopt a Cat and Grab a Coffee? Check out These Cat Cafes