This Cat Has the Best Reaction to Catnip Ever

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this cat gets his first whiff of catnip, his reaction isn't at all what you would expect! 

Catnip. It's like drugs for kitties. Actually from the mint family, catnip is an herb which prompts cats to absolutely lose their minds. With a sniff or a taste of this stuff, cats get absolutely silly.

They roll around, wipe the catnip all over themselves, leap up and race around the house, and are suddenly filled with tons of energy. This energy craze tends to last around ten minutes before the cats start to return to normal.

Well, at least most cats do. This cat isn't quite sure what to do when he smells catnip for the first time. He seems a little hesitant, but leans in to get a better whiff. Then.... well, you really have to watch the video.

This cat doesn't seem to take to catnip like most do. In fact, only about half of the feline population truly likes catnip. The other half isn't attracted to it like some cats are.

If you have a cat who isn't wild about catnip, there are plenty of other treats and fun toys that you can give him. Consider giving your cat some special toys, like shaker-filled mice or balls which make noise when they roll across the floor.

Your cat will also probably enjoy homemade toys - crumpling up a piece of paper and flicking it across the floor makes a great game. And don't forget wand toys, such as a mouse attached from a wand. You can create engaging playtime with your cat using these toys.

If your cat is an outdoor cat, then he'll naturally be able to explore and encounter new smells. He'll also stay active in his travels. But if your cat is an indoors-only cat, then you'll need to make sure that he stays mentally stimulated and physically fit.

Playtime is a great way to do this, since it will keep your cat from getting too bored or sedentary. Experiment with different toys and games to figure out what your cat enjoys the most.

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This Cat Has the Best Reaction to Catnip Ever