Cat and Lizard Make Adorable Animal Odd Couple

Posted by TF Oren

There are very few things on Earth cuter than an animal odd couple.

Baby the cat and Charles the bearded dragon are no exception, and they're an animal odd couple quite unlike any other.

When Cheyenne March brought baby Charles home nine months ago, she was worried that Baby would see him as an appetizer instead of a buddy. Fortunately, quite the opposite was true.

Once little Charles snuggled up next to Baby, the rest was history. The two have been inseparable ever since. They cuddle together, nap together, and even go for walks together. Life's good when you've got a trusty co-pilot.

Check out these unlikely animal friends in action:

Don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside now? Yeah, we thought so.

A cat and bearded dragon combo might not have been first on your list of associations when you thought of "besties." But this unusual duo changes all that. Just one look at the serene expressions on their snoozing faces makes everything right in the world.

These two unlikely friends are living proof that you should at least make an effort to get to know someone before you eat him. You never know; you might just end up with a new bestie.

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Cat and Lizard Make Adorable Animal Odd Couple