Cat and Baby Are the Best Napping Buddies Ever

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Not only are this cat and baby absolutely adorable, but they just might be the best napping buddies ever. 

Are you ready for the cutest thing ever? This cat and this baby are best napping buddies. The cat clearly adores the baby, and the baby seems quite comfortable with the situation, too.

Even though the baby is almost entirely asleep, he still manages to pet the cat a bit. You just have to see this adorable video.

Who wouldn't want to be napping buddies with a cat like this one? He's totally adorable and very affectionate. Even though he's pretty active, he's also gentle with the baby. Sometimes animals just understand when they need to be careful.

If you have a cat and a baby in the same house, then it is important to take some safety precautions. Cats don't always understand what babies are, and some cats can even become defensive or territorial. As babies get older and become toddlers, they can play too roughly with a cat, potentially injuring it.

But if you have a cat like the one in this video, you may find that the cat wants to cuddle with the baby. Keep an eye on them both to make sure that neither the cat nor the baby get hurt. It's also a good idea to keep your cat's nails trimmed to keep him from accidentally scratching the baby.

If you have a cuddly cat, then you might be lucky enough to have a napping buddy of your own. There's nothing better than a happy, purring cat by your side when you settle down for a nap.

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Cat and Baby Are the Best Napping Buddies Ever