Cassie the African Serval Has Been Found Safe and Sound in Tiny, Ontario

Posted by Tori Holmes
serval cat

Cassie, the African Serval who made headlines in the town of Tiny, Ontario after escaping her home, has been found.

The Ontario Provincial Police announced the Cassie had been located and was "no longer a threat to the public," but would provide no further details, stating that their investigation was ongoing.

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Part of this investigation, presumably, will look into whether or not the owner was legally allowed to own Cassie.

African Servals fall within the Felidae biological family, a category of animals not legally allowed to be owned as a pet in many parts of Ontario.

Playful serval cat Leptailurus serval plays with a toy on the grass in spring.

However, there are pockets within the province that do not have these exotic animal bylaws, so there is a chance that Cassie and her owner could be reunited at their home.

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