This Cart Is Perfect for Lugging Around Gear for Horse Shows

Posted by Paige Cerulli

The Gator Cart is built to handle heavy loads and is the perfect solution to lugging around gear at horse shows and around the barn. 

Horse shows bring all sorts of challenges, but one of the most common problems riders face is the challenge of getting all of your gear and supplies from Point A to Point B, then back again. If you've ever tried to lug hay bales, your saddle, and a sack of feed across the show grounds to the stables, then you know the pain. Luckily, this cart is perfect for lugging around gear - and it will save your back in the process.

Meet The Gorilla Cart. This aptly named cart is super strong, and can pull up to 1,000 pounds! The mesh sides are removable, so you can stack a bunch of hay bales, feed sacks, or other items without constraint. Plus, the handle can be pulled or towed with a vehicle, adding to the versatility of the cart. There's even a dumping feature, so you can get rid of loads quickly and easily.

Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart


But don't think that this cart is just restricted to horse shows. When you head back to your home barn, it also has countless uses. Load it up with feed buckets to make feeding the stable a snap. Pile on hay bales so that you can hay paddocks - all of them - in a single trip. It'll save time, make your chores easier, and save you from back pain from hauling all of those heavy materials.

The Gorilla Cart comes with a one-year limited warranty, so you can buy with confidence. Its steel mesh bed is built to hold up to rigorous use, even the kind of demands that one sees in a barn environment.

So next time that you're loading up your trailer and preparing to head off to a show, be sure to pack this cart. It will make your life so much easier, and is sure to cut down on your loading and unloading time at the show's stables.

You can get the Gorilla Cart on Amazon for $115.18

Do you have any tricks to help with the process of lugging around gear at horse shows? Tell us in the comments below!

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This Cart Is Perfect for Lugging Around Gear for Horse Shows