Carrie Underwood Posts Video on Instagram of Her Paralyzed Dog Learning to Walk Again

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Country singer's paralyzed Chihuahua is gaining leg strength through hydrotherapy.

Grammy winner Carrie Underwood is making a splash with her dog, Ace's, physical therapy sessions.

A video on the country singer's Instagram account already has over 1 million views. The pooch is going through hydrotherapy to gain back leg coordination after suffering a herniated disc just before Christmas.

Herniated discs are common in small and long dogs, like Chihuahuas and Dachshunds. Surgery and therapy can sometimes, but not always, reverse paralyzing damage.

In hydrotherapy sessions, patients practice walking or swimming against a countercurrent. Because water is weightless, less pressure is put on the joints when walking underwater.

Underwood has two small dogs in her furry family, including southern belle Penny Jean.

We hope the best for Ace and that his recovery goes smoothly! Hopefully Underwood will post more videos of his progress. People want to see the little guy succeed!

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