Care for Your Pet Remotely with the Auto Smart Pet Feeder by RolliPet

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
RolliPet auto feeder

I've heard it rumored that pets feel most acquainted with those who feed them. But is this changing the game?

The automatic pet feeder is the machine made perfectly for us being pet owners. I know when I have a long day planned away from home, I stress about how much food I leave out for my cats.

However, this machine is making sure you can check on your pets while feeding them too!

Automatic Smart Pet Feeder Camera for Dogs & Cats with Programmable Timer Wireless Camera Microphone Speaker

automatic pet feeder

For $149.99, you can feed your pet whenever and from wherever. If you like to plan ahead, you can set specific times for the feeder to dispense dry food. If you are unsure about specific times, you can take the matter into your own hands, literally.

The feeder is compatible with Apple and Android devices meaning you can manually feed your pets from a distance. And if that wasn't enough, you can also chat with them!

automatic pet feeder

The system is equipped with a dual-way audio and camera set-up. You can say hello a hundred times and snap cute photos of your pet most likely looking confused. If you like what you see, you can link it up to your social media accounts and share your little moments.

The feeder can dispense up to four meals a day and is super useful in tracking your pets eating habits through the RolliPet app.

If this feeder doesn't sound like it's going to make feeding your pet easier, you might still be worried that your pet will love it more than you. But that is never the case, they might just snuggle it a little more!

Would you find this feeder to be useful? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Care for Your Pet Remotely with the Auto Smart Pet Feeder by RolliPet