Canadian Animal Shelter Promotes Adoption Like Used Cars

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When promoting adoption, shelters and rescues have to get a little creative, and that led to this awesome "used cats" promotion.

When you think of genius salespeople, who do you envision? Used car salespeople are known for being able to sell just about anything. With their slick-talking ways and can't-beat-'em deals, salesmen can get you to leave their lot with something you hadn't planned on bringing home with you. And one genius shelter put this technique to work to promote adoption.

The Calgary Humane Society created this funny and engaging ad to promote adoption of their "used cats." This "used cat sale" features a salesman, and boy, does he have pride in his product!

He proclaims that he has cats of every make and model, and drives home the fact that adoption fees are lowered for one weekend only. Anyone who sees this ad will surely feel the urgency, and hopefully this salesman can drive home the sale. Take a look.

While marketing pre-owned cats might not be the traditional way to encourage adoption, it certainly captures attention and spreads the word about the adorable cats that need homes. Shelters and rescues frequently face overcrowding issues, so they depend on their cats being adopted so that they can help more animals in need. This can become a particularly pressing issue during kitten season, when shelters are flooded with mama cats and their kittens.

Want to help out, but aren't ready to adopt a cat? Contact your nearest shelter and find out what you can do. Some shelters need foster homes to care for kittens until they're ready to be adopted. Other shelters are in desperate need of people to staff fundraising events, perform office-related work, and even take care of the animals themselves. There are plenty of ways that you can get involved and can help your local animal shelter out.

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Canadian Animal Shelter Promotes Adoption Like Used Cars