Time to Test Yourself: Can You Spot the Cat?

Posted by Tori Holmes

A new viral photo is making its way around the Internet, asking viewers to spot the cat in the picture.

After being posted on Reddit last week, this seemingly boring photo has been causing some waves online. At first glance, the photo looks like nothing more than some simple piles of wood.

However, a keen eye will soon realize that there's something hidden among the wood - a cat.

Reddit / @waterhauler
Reddit / @waterhauler

Based on the comments on the original post, it seems that many people had trouble locating the cat at first glance. In fact, this picture is the perfect example of the phrase "hiding in plain sight."

What's really funny about this picture is that the closer you look the more "cats" you seem to be able to find hidden within the piles.


Were you able to find the cat? We're not ashamed to admit that it took a few moments of hard looking before we able to spot this well-camouflaged feline.

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Time to Test Yourself: Can You Spot the Cat?