Can You Identify the Dog Breed from These Puppy Pictures?

Posted by Amber King

Can you tell a German Shepherd from a Belgian Malinois?

Whether they have short legs or long legs or stubby tails or fluffy tails, all puppies are cute. They may be smaller, squishier versions of their parents, but identifying a puppy's breed isn't always easy. They've yet to grown into the features their breeds are known for and their ambiguous little faces have many people making guesses about their identities.

On average, puppies don't stop growing until they're about two years old. Starting from the day they're born, their features change to shape them into adult dogs, and many breeds are easy to recognize. But would you be able to distinguish between a yellow Labrador Retriever puppy and a Golden Retriever? Or what about a Dalmatian puppy that has yet to grow into its spots? Let's find out!

A puppy's coat color, body shape, and tail length can all clue you in on what they'll grow up to be. But with 189 AKC-registered dog breeds, there are countless overlapping features.

Determining the puppy's breed gets easier as they grow, and unfortunately, they won't be puppies forever. Worry less about breed and more about showing your puppy just how much you love them.

How did you do on the quiz? Let us know in the comments.

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Can You Identify the Dog Breed from These Puppy Pictures?