Can You Figure out This Dog Optical Illusion?

Posted by Mateja Lane
optical illusion dog

The Internet loves photo puzzles. 

And this one's a good one.

Reddit user chadwalk posted a photo of his dog that threw the Internet for a loop.

optical illusion dog

The post, titled "Optical Illusion Dog," shows two dogs actually, and that might be where Redditers were thrown off.

The dog is normal, not deformed like some other heartbreaking cases we have seen. But people still couldn't quite figure out how the dog's face looked, and how to spell "brain..."

Finally, a Reddit user helped everyone out by outlining the dog's face, which makes for a pretty funny drawing, what with the ears upside down like that and the tongue hanging out.

optical illusion outline

A lot of people saw the dog looking straight at the camera, since the blanket in the upper left corner happens to be brown. The second dog in the forefront also confused a lot of viewers.


One thing is for sure, everyone loves a good hidden photo. There's the hidden snake in the backyard and in the woods, the dog in the kitchen, the cat and the woodpile, and now the upside down dog. Those puzzles can keep you busy and confused for're welcome.

Did you see the dog the right way or were you confused? Tell us in the comments. 

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Can You Figure out This Dog Optical Illusion?