You Can Wear a Bathing Suit with Your Pet's Face on It

Posted by Stacey Venzel
animal print bathing suit

From Speedos to beach towels, Petflair has the printed apparel you need to flaunt your pet's adorableness.

Petflair has fashion figured out for beach-going pet lovers.

You know that old man in the airport who you saw wearing a t-shirt covered with his dog's face? Or that lady at the grocery store who reached to the top shelf and you noticed the personalized kitten print on her purse? We're secretly jealous of these people.

The closest you'll get to bringing your pet on holiday with you 🏝 #Petflair #Hawaii

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Thanks to Petflair, you can be one of these shameless paw-shionistas. With Petflair, you're sure to be the envy of fellow Cancun tourists this winter when you roll out your beach towel with Barnaby's face front and center, and then camouflage within it as you lay down in your swimsuit that, you guessed it, also showcases Barnaby's cute muzzle.

In the bathing suit section, women have three one-piece styles to choose from while men have the option of pet-adorned swim briefs.

Brightening up a cloudy day with some @petflair swimwear at the beach 💙☀️ #Petflair

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Let's not forget the towels.

Or the beach totes.


The prints aren't limited to four-legged family members either.

A budgy on your budgys?? No worries! 😉💙 #Petflair

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Petflair is also offering gift cards this holiday season, purrfect for that crazy cat lady who just might be your best friend, the eighty-year-old you aspire to be, or the person you already are.

Towels cost $59, women's one-pieces are $99, men's Speedos are $59, and a tote bag is $79.

Hurry up and order your Petflair beach gear before they run out! 

Would you ever buy one of these for you or someone you know? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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You Can Wear a Bathing Suit with Your Pet's Face on It