Can You Tell the Difference Between a Chesapeake Bay and a Labrador Retriever?

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Fender MacNeil/Flickr and Antony Sendall/Flickr

Labrador Retrievers are often mistaken for Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and vice versa. How well can you tell the two breeds apart?

Their shape, coat, and size look so similar, some people don't even realize they own a Chesapeake until a dog connoisseur points it out. While the two breeds have a great deal of traits in common, there are some tricks to tell apart these two Retrievers.

Their minimum and maximum weights are identical. The size comparison differs by only an inch as does their life expectancy and litter size. The Labrador is the #1 dog in the U.S. while the Chesapeake ranks at #42.

Both are pure breeds, but one has a lot more possible health complications than the other.

How well do you know your Labs from your Chessies? Take the quiz to find out!

Did you pass with flying colors? Maybe we stumped you with a question or two.

It's not always easy to tell which one is which, but one thing is for sure. Both make great pets!

Do you have either of these Labs? Show us in the comments below!

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