You Can Ride Your Longhorn into This Texas Cowboy Bank

Posted by Mateja Lane
riding longhorns
Images and videos via KVUE

A Wells Fargo ATM in Bandera, Texas allows any mode of transportation in their drive-thru. 

It's fitting that the town's nickname is the "Texas Cowboy Capital of the World."

Complete with hitching posts, the Wells Fargo in this little town outside San Antonio is known for allowing any sort of animal through their drive-thru, including Texas Longhorns and horses.

A famous trick roper has been banking with this particular Wells Fargo for years. He's a loyal customer with some impressive cowboy skills. Just a normal trip to the bank for Bandera residents!

He has a special hitching post for his own horse when he makes trips to the bank.


This Wild West of a town just validates the fact that most anything goes in the Lone Star State, especially if it involves riding a Texas Longhorn.

Tell us what you think of this drive-thru in the comments below!

Images and videos via KVUE

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You Can Ride Your Longhorn into This Texas Cowboy Bank