Kittens Found Living with Chickens in the Chicken Coop

Posted by Daphne Cybele
kittens in chicken coop
Photo: Reddit user Void_pup via Love Meow
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When a Reddit user heard meowing coming from her chicken coop, she looked high and low but didn't spot a thing.

According to a report by Love Meow, the meowing continued, and a couple of weeks after the first meowing was heard, Reddit user Void_pup found three felines with giant paws hiding under the floorboards of the chicken coop.

kittens living in chicken coop
Photo: Reddit user Void_pup via Love Meow

Going by one of the photos of the kittens, quite a few Reddit users thought the kittens must be all or part lynx due to their giant paws. However, a visit to the vet concluded that the kittens were 100% domestic cat species and not part lynx.

Kitten with big paws
Photo: Reddit user Void_pup

How the kittens arrived in the chicken coop will probably remain a mystery. It would have been interesting to see how the kittens would have gotten along with the chickens if they stayed in the coop. We know mama hens sometimes adopt other species.

kittens bath
Photo: Reddit user Void_pup via Love Meow

After getting some much-needed care, the three kittens were given names: the ginger colored kitty is now Marmalade, the light brown kitty goes by Cent, and the dark brown kitty is Kiki.

kitten in chicken coop
Photo: Reddit user Void_pup via Love Meow

Not only did the kittens get new names, but all three now have new homes!

Kitten rescuer Void_pup told Love Meow:

"One is being kept by my roommate, and the other is going to another roommate's mother. So they all have happy homes! We keep listening for more cries every time we go to the coop, but we think we got them all."

No more chicken coop life for these three felines! We're happy they have good homes in time for the holidays!

Have you ever raised cats and chickens together? Let us know in the comments below!

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