Can Dogs Eat Lettuce?

Posted by Christy Caplan
Dogs Eat Lettuce

Veggies are great for your dog and feeding lettuce as a snack is ok (it's 90 percent water!) but it's a little tricky. Lettuce of the romaine, arugula, and iceberg variety do not contain anything that can really harm your dog.

Spinach is very high in oxalic acid, which blocks the body's ability to absorb calcium and can lead to kidney damage. Kale contains several potentially harmful natural compounds, including calcium oxalate -- which could lead to kidney and bladder stones.

Make sure you're feeding small amounts of the safe type of lettuce to your dogs.

Is lettuce safe for dogs?

Spinach contains large amounts of Vitamins A, B, C, and K, and is also very high in oxalic acid, creating similar issues to kale and lettuce.

Lettuce needs to be given in moderation to avoid stomach issues like diarrhea. Because of its high fiber content, lettuce can be harder for dogs to digest in larger pieces, so it's always a good idea to chop it up before handing it over to your four-legged friend.

Are there health benefits? 

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According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the nutritional content in lettuce is somewhat low, especially the iceberg variety. But it does contain beta-carotene (a red-orange pigment that's converted into Vitamin A) and is a great source of fiber. Exact nutritional value varies between the different types of lettuce.

Remember though to feed in moderation as we mentioned above.

Overweight dogs win!

Also, lettuce needs to be washed! You definitely don't want E. coli. Don't just feed your dog a big salad either as there may be onions and other ingredients that aren't good for your dog.

Your overweight dog may benefit from a wonderful piece of arugula but follow all the guidelines.

Dog food should always consist of what your vet recommends. Don't feed 'salads' to your dog as a main meal! Also, small pieces are best and stick to iceberg, arugula, and romaine. Leafy greens should not consist of kale or spinach or you may end up at the vet.

Lettuce also may cause upset to their digestive system so start slowly and perhaps add some green beans in which is another veggie that's ok for dogs. Yet lettuce is good for dogs! This low-calorie snack may just work out perfectly as a topper for your overweight pooch!

We have some great pumpkin recipes, too.

Does your dog love lettuce as a snack? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Can Dogs Eat Lettuce?