Dog shies away from handful of berries.

Dogs & Blackberries: The 411 on This Savory, Summer Fruit


A summertime favorite (or any time of the year really!), blackberries are delicious little fruits that provide a ton of nutritional benefits. But is this lovely fruit safe for dogs to eat?

Perhaps the unsung hero of superfoods, the blackberry is one impressive little fruit. This sweet, yet tart, and juicy berry is chock full of good-for-you vitamins and minerals: things like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and manganese -- not to mention they are also high in fiber and antioxidants.

Blackberries offer up an impressive list of health benefits as well. With a gorgeous shade of deep purple, these nutrient-dense berries boast they can help combat free radicals in the body (molecules with unpaired electrons that can cause damage and disease to the body), may boost brain health and therefore increase brain function, and help with the digestive system -- more specifically with the digestive tract and constipation (thanks to that fiber!), just to name a few.

While blackberries have all the good stuff that humans need (like their anti-inflammatory properties!), should this be a human food we can introduce to our dog's diet?

Can Dogs Eat Blackberries?

The short answer is yes. Dog owners can absolutely feed their dog blackberries as a healthy treat, but while blackberries are safe for dogs, it doesn't mean you should freely give it to your pooch. In fact, you should limit blackberries to small quantities only for Fido -- like cranberries and most human foods, large amounts of blackberries can lead to gastrointestinal upset for your furry friends. (And trust us, no one wants that!)


Blackberries also contain a trace amount of Xylitol, a sugar substitute that is toxic to dogs. Even though your pooch will have to eat a pretty enormous amount of blackberries to be poisoned, it's probably best just sticking to giving blackberries as an occasional treat -- try adding a couple to their dog food or offering a few as dog treats every once in a while.

Benefits of Blackberries for Dogs

For humans, blackberries are a wonderful option if you want a healthy treat. For your doggy, this little fruit (when given in small amounts of course) has a few health benefits as well! They include, but not limited to,

  • Low in carbohydrates and sugar content, giving blackberries as a sweet, healthy treat to dogs with obesity will help keep them nice and trim.
  • Loaded with vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, blackberries can help build a strong immune system and activate enzymes in the body among others.
  • A good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, blackberries can help Fido have healthy skin and coat.

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