Black cat sits in the dark.

Is It True That Cats See Ghosts?


We all know that cats can see pretty well in the dark, but can cats sense, well, "things" like ghosts? 

In our society, cats have always been associated with things that are quite unexplainable: i.e. black cats and Halloween, and how ancient Egyptians worshipped cats and believed they can communicate to the spirit world.

Now, we all know that our feline friends have way better eyesight than us humans -- they can actually see (quite well, may I add!) in the dark. But with all that prowling they do, especially at night, can cats really sense things like paranormal activity? Like the ancient Egyptians will have you believe, can cats see into the spiritual world?

Can Cats See Ghosts?

Cat owners have all seen it one time or another: you'll walk into the living room and see your feline friend staring blankly at a wall, or your cat is consistently meowing at one particular corner in your home, for example. As strange as this sight seems, these are very common cat behaviors -- but it might bring you to ask the question of if your cat has a "sixth sense."


Turns out, there could be a very likely (and more real-world) explanation for this:

Since cats have a heightened vision and hearing when compared to humans, it is more likely that cats are detecting light spectrums or hearing sounds that we can't.

In fact, scientists have stated that cats can see in ultraviolet light. So, with cats being able to see in UV light and the fact that cats also have enhanced hearing and can hear frequencies up to four or five times higher than we can (those cat ears are shaped like little radar dishes for a reason!), it's a definite possibility your feline friend can see or sense things we couldn't!

According to,


"Compared to human eyes, cat eyes actually have six to eight times as many light-sensing rods, which means they can see much more in very low light."

So, the next time your cat seems to have just "seen a ghost", take a minute and breath -- Fluffy might have just seen or heard something that's not visible to us... or if ghosts do exist, then yes, a cat's unique vision COULD very possibly sense them.

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