You Can Bring Dogs to These 10 National Parks This Summer

Posted by Mateja Lane

A lot of national parks around the country don't allow dogs. Luckily, these 10 are dog-friendly! 

It seems counter-intuitive for a dog not to be allowed entry in such a wild place as a national park. But many parks have their reasons for dog restrictions; some parks may have predators like mountain lions or bears that could be a threat to your pet, others may have conservation initiatives and your dog could present a threat to rehabilitating species like birds or small mammals.

While the reasons for prohibiting dogs in protected places are valid, it is still frustrating to plan a summer camping trip and find out your dog is not allowed.

Luckily there are 10 amazing national parks across the country that are dog-friendly and waiting for your summer visit.

Pack your camping gear!

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Most national parks have designated trails for pets on leash. Some are more lenient than others, but know that if you do get caught with a dog in a prohibited area there are some hefty fees that the ranger can issue.

There are reasons for all national park rules; they are just trying to keep all their visitors, even the four-legged ones, safe!

Now, hurry up and reserve that camping site! Your dog is waiting to see the vast natural places our country has protected.

What National Parks have you been to with your dog? Tell us in the comments below. 

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You Can Bring Dogs to These 10 National Parks This Summer