Camping with Cats Is a Thing, and There's Even an Instagram

Posted by Stacey Venzel

The hills are alive with the meows of kittens.

Outdoor adventures are not just for the dogs anymore. Cats are invading campgrounds, and the resulting photographic proof is pawsitively adorable.

Camping with Cats is an Instagram account dedicated to tenting felines. They've backpacked the Appalachians and switchedbacked the Rockies; they've hiked the Cascades and camped in the Catskills (obviously).

We're also really pleased with the plethora of original cat haikus that accompany most of the camping feline photos. See for yourself:

#cathaiku Vexatious human. Hogs the hammock; I can't nap. My soul is breaking. #campingwithcats @ourvieadventures

A photo posted by Camping With Cats (@campingwithcats) on

Adventure cats need to be leash trained before setting off on a trailhead, and you'll have to teach your cat to go the bathroom outside if he's accustomed to the litter box.

But the training is a cinch compared to the amount of feline love you'll be snuggling with inside the tent.

So how about it? Will your cat be joining a growing band of adventure cats?

#cathaiku My death: impending. The time is now 5 a.m. I've yet to be fed. #campingwithcats @dragonwarrior_po

A photo posted by Camping With Cats (@campingwithcats) on

Get featured on Instagram by posting your backwoods cat in a photo with the hashtag #campingwithcats! Make sure to come up with your own little haiku, too!

All photos via Camping with Cats/Instagram.

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