Camera at the Bottom of Bucket Puts You at the Local Watering Hole

Posted by Paige Cerulli

A camera at the bottom of a bucket provides a unique perspective as a variety of animals come to drink. 

Water. It's that element that we all need to survive. Creatures both great and small depend on access to water, and in the desert, water can be hard to find. So when some ingenious folks decided to put a camera a the bottom of a bucket, they naturally captured footage of animals coming to drink.

But what's surprising here is the variety of the animals, and the unique perspective that the bucket camera provides. Here we see animals as we don't usually see them-- from beneath. It's an unusual appearance, but it also gives us a unique opportunity to see just how differently each species goes about drinking.

Take a look at this fascinating video.

From chickens to rabbits and even a donkey, many animals visit the bucket during the short video.

If you have animals, you know how important it is to keep them provided with access to water. But it's even more important to ensure that your animals have clean water to drink. Some animals, like horses, may drink less or not drink at all if their water gets too dirty. Scrubbing out water troughs and buckets and making sure that clean water is on hand is just one of the daily chores that go along with owning animals.

But if you ask us, the animals are totally worth the work!

Tell us what you think of this cool video in the comments below!

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Camera at the Bottom of Bucket Puts You at the Local Watering Hole