California Guy Takes New Puppy Skiing in a Baby Bjorn

Posted by Mateja Lane
skiing with dog

This is crazy cute. 

A few weeks back, Alpine Meadows, California got a freak hail storm. Naturally Kerry Lofy, a semi pro extreme athlete, got his skis out of the closet, hitched his new puppy to his chest, and he and his girlfriend Jen went to enjoy the elements.

Is this California in a nutshell or what? Since it was September, the temperature was still warm enough for shorts even though they are skiing. Lofy's dreads, the cute snowboarder, and the Golden Retriever puppy round out the image of the California dream.

Lofy is known locally for his extreme nature, often seen base jumping, hucking cliffs, or sky diving. His family recently got a little bit bigger when he and Jen got a new Golden Retriever puppy, which they named Tinder since that's how they met... I mean, probably because Tinder makes fire or something.


They will be great puppy parents, and I know that because I know them! In fact, Tinder's doggy daddy is my family's Golden Retriever. Just keeping it all local.

golden retrievers
Alenka Vrecek

And for all those who are afraid for the dog in the video, this guy is a pro and would never fall and if he did he would definitely make sure not to fall on Tinder. This pup is a Tahoe dog and will be out skiing with them this winter!

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California Guy Takes New Puppy Skiing in a Baby Bjorn