California Family Wakes up to Mountain Lion Dragging Dog off Bed

Posted by Mateja Lane
mountain lion comes into house

The mountain lion came into the bedroom. 

On April 17, at 3 a.m., a woman and her child woke up to a shadow in their doorway. They had left the doors partially open to let their dog out if need be. Their 15-pound Portuguese Podengo, a small hunting hound, started barking maniacally. There was a mountain lion coming in the doorway.

Then the mountain lion grabbed the dog off the bed and left the room.

After the mountain lion left the house with the dog, the woman followed with a flashlight and saw big, wet paw prints. She called 911 and upon arrival, deputies confirmed that the lion had left with the small dog.

The dog, mountain lion, nor any remains have yet to be found.

The San Mateo authorities are reminding locals to consistently lock doors and windows, and to bring in pets at night. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife have been notified that there is a potentially aggressive mountain lion in the area.

They also posted advice on their website reminding residents on how to interact with mountain lions if sighted.

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California Family Wakes up to Mountain Lion Dragging Dog off Bed