California Brothers Tie Livestock Auction with Their Champion Pigs

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4 h competition

Brotherly competition!

Brothers Wyatt, 12, and Spencer, 15, Coburn were ready to show off their two pigs Sadie and Schmidt in the swine competition at the Shasta District Fair a few weeks ago. The boys had raised their pigs since February, in the same pen, and both ended up winning the same prize!

Wyatt's pig Sadie came in at a whopping 241 pounds and was bought for $7 a pound, which means Wyatt won $1,600! Spencer's pig weighed 248 pounds and was sold for the same amount; The brothers tied for third in the livestock competition.

Wyatt joined the Cottonwood 4-H branch last February, just like his four older brothers did before him. Spencer, who has graduated to the Future Farmers of America program, bought Sadie the pig for his younger brother Wyatt to get him started.

"She's a pretty good pig," Wyatt told Record Searchlight. "She just follows you around in the pit."

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While they were both sad to see their home-grown pigs move on, the Coburn brothers are ready to raise more piglets for next year's competition. Both 4-H and Future Farmers of America teach young participants how to care for livestock, how to train them for livestock shows, and what to do if the animal gets ill.

As for the brothers competing against each other, younger brother Wyatt didn't see it as a big deal.

"It kind of is," responded his older brother Spencer.

We'll just have to see next year who has the winning pig!

Did you participate in the 4-H program as a kid? Tell us in the comments below!

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California Brothers Tie Livestock Auction with Their Champion Pigs