Caique Parrot and Paper Towel Are New Best Friends

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Watch this bird hop, skip, and roll with his exotic new bestie, a sheet of paper towel.

There are some odd but adorable duos out there. A kitten and a rabbit, a dog and a bird, a goat and a horse, a girl and her cow. But a parrot and a piece of paper towel? That's a new one.

Laser pointers and bubbles have amused animals for decades. And the animals playing with said objects have amused their owners. But for this caique parrot, there is something exceptionally intriguing about a lowly paper towel.

Not convinced a bird and Bounty can be best friends? See for yourself! Watch the video of the happy dance encounter below.

Little Bird is two years old. He appreciates the finer things in life, like sunsets, whistling, and disposable napkins.

Babies have their favorite blankies. Dogs, cats, and other animals have their favorite toys. So why can't a parrot have a love affair with the Quicker Picker Upper?

Birds like to destroy things with their beaks, so we won't be surprised if this guy ends up tearing a hole in his new best friend. In the wild, parrots chew on plants and branches, and masticate berries with their beaks. It's only natural for them to test the material of something that, well, used to be a tree.

Be sure that all of the toys you give your avian are bird-approved!

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Caique Parrot and Paper Towel Are New Best Friends