This Bulldog Has His Own Room Under the Stairs

Posted by Jason Sarna
dog bedroom

This dog sleeps in a nicer room than me!

A Twitter user known as "Al" posted a Tweet about how his brother built his dog a separate room in his house.

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The Twitter photos show the construction of the pup's room from start to finish.

dog bedroom

Adding the drywall.

dog bedroom

The finished product!

dog bedroom

The room has wooden floorboards, painted walls with framed family photos, crown molding, a nice big window to the world, and even a ceiling light!

The room I currently live in doesn't even have a ceiling light. There are just wires coming out of the ceiling where the ceiling light should be.

The pup's food and water bowl are also placed right outside the room, so he doesn't have to move far to eat, which is always nice.

Supposedly, I'm not the only one jealous of this pup's new pad. According to boredpanda, people -- especially those living in New York -- are commenting that the dog has a better room and living standards than them!

Have you ever built your pet a room? If so, feel free to share some pictures in the comments section below!

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This Bulldog Has His Own Room Under the Stairs