Bulldog Puppy Tantrum
YouTube: Mary Ellen Brixey

Elvis The Bulldog Throws Tantrum When Mama Sets the Rules


An English Bulldog pup named Elvis had a few choice words for mama Patches when she tried to lay down some rules! 

You don't get a name like Elvis by being just any ordinary pup, and this video, taken by YouTube user Rob Brixey, shows exactly what we mean by that!

The three-minute video starts out with mama Patches nudging her little one forward. He stumbles for a few steps before stopping, which prompted mama to sit by his side in a play bow, allowing Elvis to climb atop her head.

When she uses a big, Bulldog paw to give him a little tap, Elvis wasn't happy, and he wasn't afraid to say it!


By the end of the video, it's all love again, with little Elvis snuggling up to his mama, who still seems to be in a bit of a playful mood, ready to show her son the ropes in socializing.

An only child, Elvis was born with a cleft palate, which left him with a cute, perma-sneer, hence his iconic name. Brixey's wife reportedly bottle-fed the little guy until he was big enough to handle solid food, and he's since grown up to be a "very strong, energetic, and physically active Bulldog," according to a caption featured on the original video.

Once Elvis was old enough to part ways with his mama and caretakers, he was given to the very same veterinary technician who helped treat him from the day he was born, so his original family knows he's in good hands in his new home!