The Only Way This Bulldog Walks on Hardwood Floors Is by Inching Backward

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this Bulldog must cross hardwood floors to get to her food, she does it - but she does it backwards. 

Dogs can be very particular about what they do and don't like. Some are picky about their food, while others have very specific routines that they want you to follow. But this Bulldog has a different quirk - she hates hardwood floors. When she absolutely must cross wood floors, she inches out, then tries to cross them backwards.

This Bulldog's technique makes for an interesting video. Check out her reaction when she discovers that her food is on the other side of the hardwood floor.

Some dogs find it difficult to walk on hardwood floors. The floors are slippery, after all, and some dogs just don't like this feeling of insecurity. Dogs with hip issues or arthritis may have a particularly hard time coping with how their paws slip on hardwood. Other dogs just simply don't like the surface.

If your dog has an issue with the hardwood floor in your home, there are a number of ways you can help him out. First, consider putting down some rugs. Even thin rug runners will give your dog a way to move through the room without forcing him to walk across long stretches of the floor. Second, keep your dog's nails trimmed correctly. Overgrown nails can make it difficult for your dog to place his paws down correctly, which will leave him feeling even more insecure.

Try to avoid regularly treating your hardwood floors, since this can make them even more slippery for your dog. Don't place anything that your dog needs, like his food bowl, on a hardwood floor, or in an area where your dog will have to cross hardwood.

Many dogs learn to adjust to different flooring surfaces with a bit of time. Or, like this Bulldog, they find unusual ways of crossing them.

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The Only Way This Bulldog Walks on Hardwood Floors Is by Inching Backward