This Bulldog Is Just Really Upset He Can't Watch the Steelers Yet

Posted by Jason Sarna
bulldog football

Forget the bone, this dog wants some football!

Meet Elvis: a Bulldog and an avid Pittsburg Steelers fan. He's been waiting all year for the 2017 NFL season to start.

Last week, Elvis was a mess. He got all dressed up in his Steelers gear only to find that there was no game on. With each bark, it was as if Elvis were crying out, "I want some football! Please! I want some football!"

It's obvious from the video that Elvis takes football very seriously. This is a Bulldog who does not mess around, and when he's upset, he's going to let everyone know he's upset by making his voice heard.

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At the end of the video Elvis works himself up into such a state that he practically makes himself sick. Now that preseason is underway, we hope that Elvis will be satisfied until the real action begins on Thursday, September 7th.

Is your pet an avid sports fan? Let us know in the comments below.

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