Bull Dies After Escaping Slaughter House and Leading Police on Chase through NYC

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Though help was on the way for a bull who escaped a slaughter house in NYC, the bull passed away shortly after being captured. 

A bull which escaped slaughter and ran loose through New York City on Tuesday morning died shortly after being captured by police.

The bull escaped from a slaughter house in Queens, then took to the city streets with his newfound freedom. He was first spotted near the corner of Archer and Sutphin Avenues around 10:20 am, and police were summoned to the scene.

About an hour later police cornered the bull in the front yard of a home in South Jamaica, creating a barrier to contain the animal. However, the bull ran through the barrier, hitting a passerby in the process.

Throughout the bull's movement through the city, people captured footage of the unusual sight.

Hearing that the bull was loose, Mike Stura, founder of the Skylands Animal Sanctuary, headed there from New Jersey. Stura was prepared to take the bull, and police had told him that they would release the bull to him if they had it in custody.

But Stura never got the chance to bring the bull back to the sanctuary. After tranquilizing the bull, police were able to capture him and began the transport to the Animal Care Centers of NYC facility on Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, the bull died while on the way. Police have not yet released cause of death.

This isn't the first time that bulls have escaped the slaughter house. In fact, this is the third bull to escape and run loose since January of 2016. Stura took in the bull which got loose last January, and Jon Stewart and his wife, Tracey, also took in a bull named Frank who ran loose in NYC.

What do you think of the runaway bulls in NYC? Let us know in the comments below.

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Bull Dies After Escaping Slaughter House and Leading Police on Chase through NYC