Little Budgie Wakes Up His Cat Best Friend Proving Opposites Attract

Posted by Samantha Bubar

This budgie has an unusual best friend.

It might be a myth that opposites attract.

But little budgie U-Chan proves that sometimes that theory rings true.

For U-Chan the budgie, waking his feline best friend, Chama, from a peaceful slumber is just part of the routine.

An Unlikely Friendship

U-Chan gently nudges Chama's face and then his toes, all while chirping a pretty little song and encouraging his cat friend to wake up and play!

The cleaning he is doing is called preening and is something that budgies do to themselves, as well as each other, to keep clean. U-Chan is just making sure his pal is squeaky clean!

You can see the cat playfully boop his little friend, as he lets his tiny companion groom and nudge him. Now that's a sure sign of love.

Budgies as Pets

Budgerigars, more commonly known as "budgies" or parakeets, are only found in the wild in Australia. They are common pets in the United States due to their cheerful chirping and their bright color variations.

As far as birds go, they are relatively easy to care for, and less expensive than exotic parrots. They are very social and prefer to live in pairs or groups. It is important to make sure you know all requirements before welcoming a budgie into your family and home.

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Little Budgie Wakes Up His Cat Best Friend Proving Opposites Attract