Buddy the Blue Heeler Has Passed, But Not Before Completing His Bucket List

Posted by Tori Holmes
All photos via Buddy's Bucket List/Facebook

Buddy, the Blue Heeler that captured our hearts while completing his bucket list, has passed on.

Buddy, the Australian Cattle Dogwas diagnosed with terminal cancer in January and was only given four to five weeks to live. This news was crushing to Buddy's owner, Emily Mochan, but she decided that she was going to do everything in her power to make sure that Buddy's final days were his best.


Mochan set up a bucket list for Buddy, filled with everything a dog could ever dream of doing. On this list were items such as running on the beach, sitting in a police car, going out on a boat, and visiting a spa.

As Buddy flew through this list, Mochan shared their progress on his Facebook page, which has acquired a following of nearly 14,000 people.


The original bucket list had 27 items, but with input from his friends, family, and followers, quickly grew to 50. Some of these last-minute additions included being published in a calendar for charity and paw-painting a canvas.


In the remaining weeks of his life, Buddy was able to check off every item on his list - except for one. The last item to complete was "help other animals" which Mochan purposely saved for last.

Buddy may be gone, but he is still helping other animals in need by having his toys and all money he raised donated to the RSPCA.

Rest in Peace, Buddy. We'll miss you and your awesome adventures!

All photos via Buddy's Bucket List/Facebook

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Buddy the Blue Heeler Has Passed, But Not Before Completing His Bucket List